Varbergs Revisionsbyrå AB

Varbergs Revisionsbyrå uses Konfident because it is the easiest way to securely share confidential information.

Arkiv Redovisning

The Gothenburg company Arkiv Redovisning AB uses Konfident to communicate with customers and comply with the GDPR.

Elitfotboll Dam

With the help of Konfident, a so-called. "Digital bookshelf" was created where the club's information was stored. In this way, it was possible to ensure that all information was available to those who would have access to it.

ABB Collaborative Operations Sverige

Hyker's representatives introduced Konfident to us and we knew our need to make it difficult to share information securely with our customers with the tools we had access to.

Stardust Search

Stardust Search is a modern recruitment company. They make sure that they carefully understand their client's corporate culture to match the right candidates and contribute with long-term recruitment solutions.


Aspia uses our secure collaboration tool Konfident to protect its customers' confidential documents.

Solventum Redovisningsbyrå AB

The fact that you can write a comment directly about what you have posted is so amazing. You do not need a forum for conversation and one for documentation.

Pamica AB

Swedish entrepreneurial investor Pamica AB shares confidential information with investors via Konfident.