Pamica AB

Swedish entrepreneurial investor Pamica AB shares confidential information with investors via Konfident.

Pamica is a private investment group that faced a communication challenge as their investor group expanded: how to send out confidential information efficiently and securely. They found the solution in Konfident.

How Pamica AB found a secure communication channel for its investors.


Pamica AB is a venture capital company that invests in and develops small and medium-sized companies. Originally founded in 2016 as a joint venture with the listed financial institution Catella, they now run two venture capital funds with approximately 180 investors.

“You can imagine Pamica as a group of 180 investors,” explains Frida Svensson, a financial analyst in the group, “but we are also a team of 6 entrepreneurs who find companies to acquire and then work with these companies to increase their value. We are basically a small team and we have no sales manager or anyone who spends all their time managing our customers. Although I am a financial analyst, I have also taken responsibility for communicating with investors.

“We send quarterly reports, trimesters and so on to our investors, but what is more important is that we can certainly send confidential information to them. When they make investment decisions, we want them to know our valuation of the companies in the portfolio, so we send out investment memoranda with this type of information. ”

The challenge

As Pamica grew, communication with its investors became more complicated and it became clear that they needed a secure way to send confidential information.

“When we started, all our communication with investors took place via Catella. When we launched our second fund, we became much bigger. The number of investors increased to 180, and we realized that we needed a secure way to communicate with them. ”

The task for Pamica was to find a way to deliver sensitive information, even if they did not have a dedicated communications team.

The Hyker solution

The first step that Frida took was to contact Catella to see if they could give any recommendations:

“They suggested that Hyker be used as an external platform. We have our own website where our investors could log in, but the problem was that that area was not secure enough to store confidential information.

“After talking to Hyker, they helped us set up Konfident on our site. Now our investors can go to our website and click on the Konfident section to access sensitive information. They can also just go directly to the Konfident page, which is what I recommend them.

“Of our 180 investors, 150 of them are active users of Konfident. They understand what to do. When new information is available on the website, they receive an e-mail, then most people use Bank ID to log in [the Swedish electronic identification platform].

“I think it works really well. Investors get what they want, and they really seem to appreciate the secure nature of the service. It is very convenient that everything is in one place for them. ”