Activity log with full overview

Konfident has a secure activity log that gives you control over events in a project. Each action performed is logged, giving you a full overview of all actions taken during a given period. Special events are logged in a special immutable log that cannot be manipulated.

Security and traceability
in all events

When you use Konfident activity log, you get a tool that ensures that only authorized users are in phase with the company's plans. With Swedish BankID, it is guaranteed that the information is only accessible and used by authorized users.

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Aspia uses our secure collaboration tool Konfident to protect its customers' confidential documents.

Pamica AB

Swedish entrepreneurial investor Pamica AB shares confidential information with investors via Konfident.

Arkiv Redovisning

The Gothenburg company Arkiv Redovisning AB uses Konfident to communicate with customers and comply with the GDPR.