Kei Petersson

January 14, 2022

The Security Protection Act, for who and what?

New from 1 december 2021

The Security Protection Act (2018: 585) applies to activities that are run under both public and private auspices and can affect both networks, information systems and other parts of the business. The Security Protection Act contains requirements for measures aimed at protecting information that is important for Sweden’s security or that is to be protected in accordance with an international commitment on security protection.

New from 1 December 2021 is that activities with data worthy of protection are covered, without them being officially classified as secret. These may, for example, be critical infrastructure and their operating systems as they constitute a potential vulnerability. In the absence of a list, permit review process or the like, it is instead the responsibility of each operator to stay informed, make assessments and conduct their business applies in the field of security protection.

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