Core features

Secure file transfer

Secure file transfer in document portal with secure end-to-end encryption.

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Secure conversations

Secure conversations in document portal where all shared information is protected.

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Role management

Manage all your competencies in roles in a simple and flexible way.

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Swedish BankID

Document portal that offers Bank ID authentication.

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Activity log

A secure activity log to keep track of all events.

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Easy preview of documents directly in Konfident.

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Easy to use for accounting firms with End-to-end encryption

In Konfident, as an accounting company, you can both communicate and share information in a smooth, secure and efficient way. End-to-end encryption (E2EE) offers flexibility and accessibility where only authorized people can access the information that is handled. This allows you to communicate and share information with your colleagues and clients securely.

Secure and traceable with Swedish Bank ID

You can easily create users and user groups where everyone verifies their identity with Swedish Bank ID. The solution is also equipped with an unchanging activity log that provides full traceability of all events in a project. In Konfident, accounting firms can communicate and share information with clients in a controlled, secure manner.

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GDPR-compliant landing page with protection against Cloud Act

With Konfident as the choice of cloud service, with its registered office and servers in Sweden, you are not affected by the Cloud Act and the data storage meets all requirements for personal data protection according to GDPR. Konfident offers a GDPR-adapted solution that is possible to shape according to your unique needs - without compromises and intermediaries.

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Is your accounting firm
in need of protect information?

Konfident, a complete platform that guarantees secure communication and file sharing with your clients & candidates with full control over all actions taken.

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Aspia uses our secure collaboration tool Konfident to protect its customers' confidential documents.

Pamica AB

Swedish entrepreneurial investor Pamica AB shares confidential information with investors via Konfident.

Arkiv Redovisning

The Gothenburg company Arkiv Redovisning AB uses Konfident to communicate with customers and comply with the GDPR.