KONFIDENT – User manual

CONFIDENT is the only really secure application to be able to easily chat and share documents both Internally and Externally.

By going to your browser, you can easily always access files in CONFIDENT no matter where in the world you are.

To get the best possible experience of CONFIDENT, Hyker always recommends the latest version of the following browser; Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.


If you need more help, you can contact us via KONFIDENT’s support form. You can find the form under your user profile and on our website www.konfident.hyker.io.

Also follow us on LinkedIn, https://www.linkedin.com/company/hykersecurity, for updates.


and documents worthy of protection in groups of users, within and outside organizations.

CONFIDENT differs fundamentally from other cloud and file sharing services in terms of basic security technology. With the help of a unique encryption technology, the information never leaves the endpoints, ie the users’ computers, even if the encrypted documents do.

This method is both user-, policy-, and rule-friendly as an organization can take advantage of all the benefits of the cloud without risking exposing information to cloud or service providers, insiders, hackers, and other attacks. Not even Hyker Security staff can access the information.


A workspace is a workspace where colleagues and partners can collaborate and share documents worthy of protection.

An organization can have several registered workspaces, e.g. one per department, but each workspace is linked to a separate agreement.

All workspaces have their own direct link, so you can easily change workspace by selecting another link.

Tip: bookmark your workspace in your browser.


A workspace consists of a number of Teams.

In your workspace in KONFIDENT you can create different teams that work as different groups. You can only see the information that is in the team that you have access to. This means that you can have several different teams in your workspace with different participants without the information being shared openly with everyone in the workspace. Teams can be created and removed when users and the business so desire.

To view the teams on your mobile, press “Teams” and all teams will appear below. If you want to see the content in the Team, you can click on the team and you will see the folders in the team.


A user is a user in a team.

You can not “join” a team yourself, but must first be invited by the person who created the team or another user who is already a member.

There are three different types of users:

Limited User

A limited user can share and download documents, but can not change teams, invite new teammates or delete documents that someone else has uploaded.

General User

As a general user, you can do everything from creating teams, inviting users, editing, etc. in the teams you are part of. In addition, you can also create new teams.


“Administrator” is a role that primarily exists for enterprise customers who are in need and an admin. This is a role that can do everything from creating teams, inviting users, editing, etc. in an entire workspace.

Change user type

(Not available for Limited user)
There are two types of users; general user and limited user.

Sometimes there may be a need to change a user from “Limited” to “general”, or vice versa.

Select a team that the current user is part of. Click on the user to open a menu:

In the example above, the user “Alice” is a limited user. Click on the red box called “limited user” to upgrade the user to general user in all teams in the workspace.

If “Alice” had been a general user, the menu would have shown “Limited User” instead.

Getting Started

Accept the invitation

If you have been invited to a team, you will receive an email from “secure-workspace@konfident.io“. In this email, you must accept the invitation by clicking “accept invitation” then open the correct workspace in your browser.

NOTE! If you have been informed that an invitation has been sent to you but have not received an email, please check the spam.

Below you see the invitation with only email address, the simplest form of login. If the user who invited you has chosen to use two-factor authentication (2FA) or BankID, there is more information in the email about how to log in.

  1. Click on the “Accept Invitation” button.
  2. A web page opens in your browser:
  3. Click the “Finish” button.



If you have logged out of CONFIDENT or are trying to access your workspace from another computer or browser, you must first log in. Enter your “workspace name” .konfident.io

Start by choosing your account login method:

Your account login method was determined when you were invited to a workspace.

Login by email

This is the simplest form of login, where security is only determined by the security of the email account. If someone gets access to the email account, they also get access to your workspace in CONFIDENT.

Click the “Next” button after E-mail and enter the email address.

An email is sent to the email address with a verification link.

When you click on the “Verify Identity” button, the identity is confirmed and you will be taken to the browser where you will receive the message “verification completed”.

Then open the window that was used to log in, and to proceed to the workspace.

Inloggning med 2FA, med E-mail och SMS 2

The most common form of 2FA is to combine e-mail with an SMS message with a unique link that the user must click or press to log in.

Select 2FA as the invitation option, fill in the “E-mail + Phone number (2FA)” field and enter the person’s email address and mobile number. NOTE that you must enter the mobile number with the country code first (+46 in Sweden).

An email is now sent with a verification link. Click on “Accept invitation”, and a window will open in the browser.

Click “Send verifications links”

When both links have been verified and turned green, you can click on the “finish” button. The dialog is located on the workspace login page in your browser.

Login with BankID (OBS only in Sweden)

In Sweden, we have our own standard for two-factor authentication that is used by banks, authorities and many other services, BankID. KONFIDENT also supports login with BankID.


To invite a user who is to log in with BankID You can either enter the person’s social security number (“Social security number”) directly or you can invite the user by only entering email and the user can enter their social security number. You must also enter the user’s email address so that the user can receive notifications about new documents, etc. from Konfident.

The user receives an email with an invitation and an activation link to click on.

When the user then logs in, they select “BankID”, enter their social security number and confirm in the BankID app on their mobile phone.


Log out

To log out of your workspace, click on the profile menu at the top right, and then click on “Logout”

To log in again, go to your workspace at its link: “your-workspace-name” .konfident.io.

Collaborate with others

Create team

(Not available for Limited user)

When you want to create a new team, right-click with the mouse pointer in the panel under Team. A menu appears and there you select “Create Team”. Enter the team name in the dialog box that opens.

When creating a new team, there is the option to use an existing team as a template to automatically generate folder structure, copy files, copy the message history in the chat, and to add the same team members to the new team.

You do this by checking “Import From Template” then more options open on what can be copied. Give the team a name and choose what to copy to the new team.

Your new team will be empty so you start by adding users to the team.

Add a User
(Not available for limited users)

Click on “Users” at the top of the page and you will see a column with users, then right-click in the column and select “Add User” if the user is already invited to the workspace.

Enter the user’s identity in the dialog that opens. Usually email address or social security number.

If the user is already registered in the workspace, he will be displayed in the list below the input field.

If the user is completely new to the workspace, select “Invite User” instead.

Then a dialog opens where you must choose which security level the new team feed should use to access the team’s documents. You can choose between just email address, two-factor authentication using email and SMS or BankID.

You can choose to tick the yellow box, which means that the user is invited to the workspace only without having access to any team.

Finally, you need to decide what type of user you are inviting. CONFIDENT has two types; general and limited user.

Manage your Teams

If you are a member of many teams in a workspace, the list in the left column can be long and difficult to manage. CONFIDENT has some tools that can help you organize your workspace.

NOTE! These tools are personal so only YOU can see them. This allows all users to organize their teams as best suits them.


Sort Teamlist

When you create a new team, it is sorted alphabetically from A to Z. You can reverse the sort, Ö-A, by clicking on the icon A-Z, and reverse by clicking on the same icon again.

Filter or search for a specific team in the team list

You can filter the team list to show only teams whose names contain a word or certain letters. Click in the filter field and start typing. You will see the filtering of the team list as you type.


Organize in categories

If you have many teams in your list, it can be convenient to sort them into categories. For example. so you may want to sort teams under different departments or customers.

Right-click in the team panel below the list of teams, and select “Create Category” in the menu that appears. Enter a name for the category.

In the example below, we have created a category “Customers”.

To add a team in a certain category, use the mouse pointer and drag the team under the desired category. By clicking on the category name, its team list is displayed or hidden.

It is also possible to create one or more standard teams as ready-made templates.
In the same menu where you create teams, there is also the menu option “Create Template”.

The further process is basically identical to how you create a regular team.

Team templates are organized under a special category in the team list called Templates.

Share a document

Select the “Docs” tab at the top of the window, right-click in the box and select “Upload file” to open the upload dialog.

You can also choose to select and drag files directly from your computer and drop them in the CONFIDENT window.

Your selected documents will first be encrypted in your computer, and then sent to CONFIDENT.

Only members of the team where the documents are uploaded can access and read it.

Download a file

You can right-click with the mouse on a file and select download, if you download from the phone, double-click on the file and the download option will open as below.


Determine the "expiration date" for files

You can set a date for automatic deletion of all files in a team.

Right-click on a team and select “Delete files at …”. Select “expiration date” and press save. All files in the team will be deleted at midnight (23:59) selected date.

A team with an expiration date will have a clock icon to the right of the team name. An information box also appears at the top of the workspace when you click on a team with an expiration date.

To delete an expiration date, open the same dialog again and click on the small x to the right of the displayed date.

Send messages

Select the “Chat” tab at the top of the CONFIDENT window. The team message view opens and here you can send messages to team members. The chat is also encrypted so only team members can read the messages.

Activity log

When an activity takes place (Activity), it is registered under the “clock” in the upper right corner. If you press the clock, you get a list where you can see all events.

If you press the gear in the activity list, you can choose which notices you want and how often you want to receive the notices.