Aspia uses our secure collaboration tool Konfident to protect its customers’ confidential documents.

As Sweden’s largest business support company, Aspia understands the value of protecting sensitive customer information. This is one of the reasons why they use Konfident, our secure collaboration tool.

Aspia chooses Konfident for more secure communication


Aspia is Sweden’s largest business support company that provides services and consulting services in tax, accounting, payroll and many other areas. Formerly part of PwC Business Services, they are now a thriving company with 1,450 employees and they use Konfident to support their operations in the Nordic region.

In addition to administrative support, they specialize in providing services to development companies. They help organizations in the start-up phase, as they grow and during changes in ownership and management. Of course, it’s about handling sensitive company information, so secure communication – both internally and externally – is crucial.

The challenge

In addition to managing its own files, Aspia works with its customers’ confidential documents. Companies all over Scandinavia trust them with important information, so secure encryption technology is important when sharing files and sending messages.

They have their own internal platform, myBusiness, which is used for daily business tasks. But many tasks need an extra layer of functionality and security.

The Hyker solution

Aspia chose Hyker’s Confidential service because it provides collaboration and file management tools that are both secure and easy to use. Konfident’s combination of end-to-end encryption with a simple interface has been very well received.

Johan Ekblom, Aspia’s CEO, says: “Konfident is a promising product that covers most of the needs of small and medium-sized companies,” says Johan Ekblom, Aspia’s CEO. “For other functions that larger companies need, we are happy to work with Hyker to find solutions that meet our requirements and the needs of companies in different industries.”