Arkiv Redovisning

The Gothenburg company Arkiv Redovisning AB uses Konfident to communicate with customers and comply with the GDPR.

GDPR is an important issue for all organizations with customers in the EU. Göteborgs bokföringsföretag Arkiv Redovisning AB uses our encryption tools from the whole to avoid pitfalls and keep in touch with customers.

Why Arkiv Redovisning relies on Konfident to navigate the GDPR


Arkiv Redovisning AB is a Gothenburg-based accounting company that works closely with its customers. According to CEO Anna Halldenius, a key element in their strategy is to maintain clear communication channels with their customers:

“Our focus is on smaller owner-run companies. We believe in personal solutions and our customers always have their own contact person. We communicate with our customers about things like salaries and contracts. We must also share information internally and with auditors. ”

Arkiv Redovisning is a company with eight employees, they are members of the Swedish Association of Auditors and Payroll Consultants (SrF) and they work according to official industry standards (REKO). Therefore, they have always required secure communication channels on three levels; internally, with auditors and public officials and with their clients. The introduction of new European data protection legislation in 2018 posed an extra challenge to their communication strategy.

The challenge

The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018 forced companies across Europe to take a closer look at how they handled customer information. The legal obligation to protect personal data meant that new solutions had to be found to communicate securely with customers and cooperate.

For medium-sized companies such as Arkiv, the legislation has been particularly challenging. They must find a way to meet the requirements of the GDPR with a limited budget. The financial penalties for non-compliance can be devastating, but at the same time they do not want to alienate their customers by complicating the way they work together.

Arkiv Redovisning needed to find a way to work with customers that was simple, secure and GDPR compliant.

The Hyker solution

Arkiv Redovisning received a recommendation that Hyker could meet their needs in this area, and they contacted us to find out more.

Our recommendation was to start using our cloud-based Konfident service as an alternative to email. It provides end-to-end encryption for both external and internal communication, as well as an easy-to-use collaboration platform.

“After contacting Hyker’s representative, we decided to start using Konfident as a solution for sharing information. We started quickly and I think it has been very well received by our customers. They get easy access to their information when they need it and appreciate that we have chosen a secure service and that we take their data seriously. ”

Since then, Konfident has become their primary way of sharing information.

“We are very pleased with Konfident and with the support we receive from Hyker,” says Anna. “It’s great that we have our own contact person at Hyker who can help us if we ever have any questions. We would definitely recommend Hyker and Konfident to our colleagues in the industry, because we are very satisfied. ”