ABB Collaborative Operations Sverige

“Hyker’s representatives introduced Konfident to us and we knew our need to make it difficult to share information securely with our customers with the tools we had access to. Because Konfident became a good choice so that we could share the information we needed without the customer having to install or install new systems or solutions, says Mattias Gidlöf, automation security expert at ABB Collaborative Operations Sweden.

How ABB could share information without the customer having to install or install new systems.


ABB is a global company with 144,000 employees and operates in more than 100 countries. In Sweden, about 7,800 people work and work in about 30 places.

ABB is a pioneer in cutting-edge technology with a comprehensive offering for digital industries. With over 130 years of innovation, ABB is today a leader in digital industries with four customer-focused, globally leading business areas: Electrification, Industrial Automation, Business and Robotics & Discrate Automation.

The challenge

ABB Collaborative Operations Sweden faced the challenge of securely sharing information, internally but primarily externally in a secure but at the same time simple way.

They had solutions that met the need to be able to share information securely but nothing that made it possible to do so without the customer having to get involved and do installations with them.


ABB Collaborative Operations Sweden had an ongoing dialogue with Hyker and talked about different solutions and quickly found that the technology that Hyker provides is interesting. As part of this, we chose to start an evaluation of Konfident and concluded that the application would provide the organization and our customers with a solution that is both secure and very simple.

The implementation project

We decided to run an evaluation period of Konfident to test the application properly. Hyker developed an evaluation plan with the use cases we wanted to evaluate that we regularly followed up.

“After the evaluation period, we felt that Konfident would help us in our communication and in the situations we need to share information with our customers. Therefore, we chose to start a collaboration with Hyker Security and use Konfident for our cyber security team, says Mathias Nygren, Head of Collaborative Operations at ABB Sweden.

The result

The result has been that ABB’s cyber security team in Sweden can share the information they need with their customers and partners without it being an extra step either for the team or for the customer.

Since security has the highest priority, it is important that all information exchange takes place in a secure manner and that they can also do so in a smooth and simple way so that they can save time in their customer assignments.

• Can deliver and receive files to individuals or groups who do not have access to ABB’s internal systems securely.

• Store valuable customer information.

• Share information internally within the team easily and simply.

• Have conversations about information that requires high security.