Varbergs Revisionsbyrå

Varbergs Revisionsbyrå uses Konfident because it is the easiest way to securely share confidential information.

Varbergs Revisionsbyrå is an auditing and accounting company with a varied number of customers. This is why it is important to find a document sharing platform that is both easy to use and secure.

How Varbergs Revisionsbyrå AB found an easy way to share confidential documents.


For over 50 years, Varbergs Revisionsbyrå AB has provided accounting and auditing services to companies and individuals. From its office in western Sweden, 25 people – advisers, tax experts and chartered accountants – provide services to a large number of clients, from large companies to private investors.

The challenge

With the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Varbergs Revisionsbyrå realized that they needed to find a secure way to share documents with customers – a platform that would meet the requirements of the new EU legislation.

“It was also important for us to find a solution that is easy to use,” says Håkan Rhodin, a partner in the company, “because we have a wide range of customers, and some of them may not be as comfortable to use computers. .

“We received a recommendation about Hyker and Konfident, but we also looked at other alternatives. Konfident seemed safe and uncomplicated, so we went for it. ”

The Hyker solution

“It was very easy to get started,” says Håkan, “and we could quickly get our customers on board and start sharing confidential documents with them.”

When new documents are available to their customers, they receive an email containing a link that they can access in their browsers. They then click on the link to access their files via the secure Konfident server.

“A good example was with a company that was in the process of buying another company,” says Håkan. “There were many documents that we had to prepare in that case to help them do their due diligence. After the acquisition was completed, it was easy to delete the documents we no longer needed.

“It’s a service we’re actually recommending to another accounting firm. They contacted to ask about it, and we showed them how it worked and how easy it was to get started. ”