Stardust Search

– Even though it is rare, it happens that a client wants to see all candidates. In such cases, we can give the client access to them all. Then we upload three folders: the Yes folder, the No folder and the maybe folder. In these folders, the client can then drag and drop candidates in an easy way.

– This gives an interesting conversation! Why do you opt out of that candidate? It helps us understand how our client feels better. What needs do they have? What skills are they looking for? This is not something we thought of at first. It came as a positive surprise. We thought about GDPR but got so much more!

A result and a use that Stardust Search did not count on!


Stardust Search is a modern recruitment company. They make sure that they carefully understand their client’s corporate culture to match the right candidates and contribute with long-term recruitment solutions.

As a recruitment company, they place great demands on themselves and ensure that they live up to the customer’s brand throughout the recruitment process and deliver a genuine candidate experience.
Stardust Search works with competence-based interview techniques and performs accurate and correct reference taking and background checks. They are also convinced that modern tests / assessments are needed to ensure objectivity and diversity.

Through its search methods, Stardust Search takes advantage of all the new digital opportunities that are constantly being developed and updated.

The challenge:

– We were just starting out and wanted to differentiate ourselves from the big dragons. We wanted to find new ways to work with recruitment and because of that we were, very early on, open to digital tools that made our daily work easier, states Christine Martin, Executive Search Consultant and Managing Partner at Stardust Search and continues:
– At the same time, we wanted to simplify for our clients, the recruiting managers or people within the company’s HR department. These are people with a high pressure on their emailboxes and we wanted to make their work easier.

Early on, already when they started their new recruitment company, Christine Martin and her colleagues realized that they needed to adapt to the digital way in which their clients worked. At the same time, they wanted to be different. They really wanted to invest in security.
Usually in a recruitment process, a manager prefers to get three final candidates to decide on, but sometimes someone wants to know everything that happens during the entire process. Regardless, confidentiality is always paramount.

– Thinking about where your service provider’s servers happen to be placed might not be the first thing you have in mind when it comes to starting a new company. The fact that HYKER’s servers are located in Sweden was a good feeling.
– It may not be something you think about on a daily basis, but you still have it in the back of your mind and it gives me a feeling of safety.

But Christine Martin also points out that protecting the company’s candidates is important.
– We have candidates in high positions who do not want other people to know that they are looking for a new job. Our ultimate goal is always to protect our candidates! Konfident allows us to control and restrict which people in the company that recruits who have access to sensitive information.

Initially, it was the new GDPR legislation, which among other things means that recruitment companies are only allowed to retain information about the applicants for a limited time, that made Stardust Search use Konfident.

By using Konfident as a client portal, they can share information about the candidates with their clients in a secure way that meets the GDPR requirements. However, Konfident would also prove useful in so many other ways.


Christine Martin explains that Stardust Search chose to add Konfident as a customer portal on their website. It is only visible as a click button, which leads to a file management system. Behind the curtains, everything is invisibly connected to Konfident.

Experience has taught us that some customers are not so happy to be asked to learn a new new system. That is why we have chosen to simply call Konfident “a file management solution in a safe place”, says Christine Martin. We create a folder together with our client and choose together which key people will have access to the folder, both on their site and on ours.

– Another feature that is great is that as long as the client uses the same device and the same browser, they do not need to log in again. And the client portal works well in both directions. For example, if the client wants to share their new organization chart with us, they can upload it easily and quickly in Konfident. Update it whenever you want and delete it when it’s time.

– Now we can share a folder with our client with our proposals for candidates. We can add a candidate’s CV and other information for the client to see. This way, we can easily communicate the latest information and remove things that are out of date.

– If we have updated something, the client will receive an email from us with a hyperlink so all they have to do is click on the hyperlink to access the new information. What is important is that we no longer need to send candidate information via e-mail, which would violate the GDPR rules. Without Konfident, we and the client would need to clear our mailboxes of all personal information and information at regular intervals.

The transition to Konfident was simple and easy. Stardust Search’s employees took an online course with Jesper Landén, the support staff at HYKER with whom Stardust Search has had all contact for continuity.
There may have been some questions at first, but in these cases we simply called Jesper, says Christine Martin.

– With Konfident in the background, our customers can download the information and read it whenever they want and are thus more free in their work. But it is also an advantage for us, because now we do not have to end up in a cluttered e-mail box. Instead, all the information is gathered in one place and the client can access it when it suits them


So Konfident started with GDPR but became so much more for Stardust Search.

– We simply discovered, it is a very good way for us to communicate with our customers, says Christine Martin.
– We have become more efficient in our work and if a manager changes jobs, we also know that he can not bring a list of our candidates to the new workplace. We have control! It feels safe.

– Our primary focus is to always protect our candidates, but the advantage we discovered step by step was what a flexible way to work! For example, you do not have to worry about information ending up in an email that goes to the wrong place. We simply control the flow of information better.

What Christine Martin and her co-workers have experienced as a bit negative is Konfident’s interface:
– For example, we wish we could have our logo there. But I know that this is something that HYKER works with and is that they are always quick with help and above all pleasant when you call them.

Those of Stardust Search’s customers who are not in the system every day sometimes find it a little difficult to navigate. But it has never been a bigger problem than it has been possible to solve with a phone call. But again, Christine Martin calls for a slightly clearer interface.

– We think that customers see this as a quality brand when it comes to our company. That we are a company that takes security seriously.

We have even received inquiries from our customers about the system, so maybe new customers are on their way to HYKER, Christine concludes with a laugh but also emphasizes:
– Other companies have shortcomings in matters of security and we are happy and very proud that we stand out when it comes to this issue. We do not have these problems!