Solventum Redovisningsbyrå AB

– I hope that all clients soon understand the importance of security in Konfident and that it is so easy to log in. In addition, it is good if you get away from e-mail more and more, says Michaela.


Solventum is part of the Sundfraktgruppen, which consists of a total of over 180 companies and more than 500 employees. Fifteen of them work at Solventum Redovisningsbyrå AB in Sundvall and Härnösand. With its base in the transport industry, the company has developed and changed year by year, among other things in step with the digital development. The customer base has also been expanded to include many different industries.

For Solventum, it is important that the services they offer are of high quality and that their customers can feel secure when it comes to various administrative and financial services. Everything from tailor-made complete solutions to the customer’s need for smaller and shorter assignments.

The challenge:

Solventum’s assignments include serving both external customers and other companies within the Group. When the GDPR began to be applied in the spring of 2018, it became clear that they needed a secure way to send information.

– It can be said that it was GDPR that made us realize that we needed a more secure way to communicate than, for example, via e-mail, says Michaela Johansson, payroll assistant at Solventum.

As it turned out, there were other ways to use Konfident within the company.

– You could say that we are three departments; the payroll department, the accounting department and the invoicing unit, and it is really only the latter that does not use Konfident. It is simply because they do not have direct contact with customers, says Michaela.


– The payroll department uses Konfident to send personal information and information, bank lists and payroll information and documents to the various companies we work with. The accounting consultants use it for all their mailings of, for example, annual reports, monthly reports, company information and registration certificates.

One thing that Michaela Johansson is particularly pleased with when it comes to Konfident is the chat function.

– The fact that you can write a comment directly about what you have posted is so fantastic. You do not need a forum for conversation and one for documentation. Instead, these two go hand in hand and work together.

– Sure, it’s a bit individual and different from client to client how often they check Konfident so securely, sometimes you have to have contact by phone or email anyway but it’s so incredibly convenient to be able to communicate with customers in one place.
It’s just a matter of not giving up but making sure the client makes Konfident a habit. If they want, they can receive emails when something new has happened in Konfident.

– I hope that all clients soon understand the importance of security in Konfident and that it is so easy to log in. In addition, it is good if you get away from e-mail more and more, says Michaela.

How have you implemented Konfident with your customers?

– We have started with the customers we know are very digital. Then we take everyone else, one by one, and influence them gradually, step by step, towards Konfident.

– An obstacle can be that not everyone has a mobile BankId. It’s easy to believe that everyone has one today, but that’s not the reality. But we try to make all our customers a little more digital. Old and young!

And what reaction have Solventum met?

– When we raise a development opportunity like Konfident, they are only positively surprised and it feels as if they are totally with us, says Michaela Johansson.


As Michaela Johansson previously pointed out, the security that Konfident provides is what she believes is most important, but other benefits have been discovered along the way.

– The fact that it is safe is the cornerstone itself! But also that it is easy to work with and easy to understand, is such an advantage.

– But it is important to point out that everything will be as you do it. With Konfident, you can decide and build the components yourself in a way that suits you. At Solventum, I have created a folder structure that suits our company. It ensures that everyone works in the same way within each client and I think we have made it work very well for us.

– Sometimes you gradually notice that some things work better if you sort them according to a different pattern, but then it is just a restructuring. It is also very easy to move things inside Konfident, such as renaming folders if needed.
Michaela Johansson continues:

– It is easy to work with and you know where to find the information and you see if the client has posted something. I simply think it’s great!

Michelas department works with everything related to salaries. As a rule, they send out pay slips to the customer’s employees via KIVRA or by post, but sometimes the client wants them to be printed and then Konfident is a secure way to transfer the information. One thing that Michaela Johansson, however, considers to be a bit problematic and wants to see a change in is the authorities.

– Jesper Landén at HYKER says that they work with it, which is good, because if I have to mention something negative, it is that clients should not be able to move certain documents, create folders or rename them. It’s not a big problem but it can get messy and above all it takes time because I have to look for the information again. I want to find it, where I put it, as soon as I go to my client’s company on my computer.

– But on the other hand, it is very positive that it is so easy for the client to publish the information we need!

How has the contact with HYKER support worked?

– It has worked very well. As soon as there is a problem, you get quick feedback. You notice that your problems are prioritized. Even when I have only had one simple question, I have received quick feedback.

– Like in the beginning when I did not find … What should you call it? It’s about three lines. This is where you click to work with the authorities. I had a hard time finding it at first but it turned out to be very easy. We are all children in the beginning …

Solventum is a company that generally works very carefully with its security. As in corona times. All doors are locked, no customers are allowed to enter the employees’ offices and all meetings must be booked. Digital security is handled in the same careful way.

– We think a lot about safety and work effectively with it all the time. It can be anything from small things like not being able to leave your computer without the screen locking it to major problems around IT security. We process very sensitive information, so we can never let go of our far-reaching accuracy, Michaela Johansson concludes by saying.