Kei Petersson

February 14, 2022

Cyberattacks - a matter of time for your business

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Partner Content – Hyker Security

The increasing digitalisation has led to storage, communication and file sharing being performed via cloud services. Putting important functions and information outside your own house can lead you to having pay a high price.

Recent years, development of IT-programs and cloud services have gone so fast. But when more programs connects and integrate with each other and the using of cloud services increases, also increases the hackers chances of success.

– Hackers are quick to exploit new technical vulnerabilities och therefore you need to be one step ahead all the time. Still, you don’t think enough about the security when implementing new systems and starts working in cloud services, says Ulf Gerold, vd on Hyker Security AB. A company that works with cyber security, especially when it comes to cloud services and important information.

Surveys also show that many companies are exposed to attacks. Among other things, nine out of ten socially critical activities state that they have been exposed to cyber attacks on at least one occasion during a year. Some notable cases occurred this summer when both Coop and Bauhaus suffered major damage after an extensive attack. Another example is the historic attack on the security company Solar Wind, which occurred at the end of 2020. Common to the attacks is the spillover effect, where the damage not only stays with the person being attacked but also affects the systems of customers and subcontractors.

The company Hyker has developed new solutions based on what in the industry is called Confidential Computing. By isolating and encrypting, the digital information that takes place in cloud services is secured. This is done automatically and the encryption takes place in real time regardless of whether the information is stored, traveled or is being used.

Hackers are quick to exploit new technical vulnerabilities and therefore you must work to stay one step ahead.

– The growing use of cloud services makes it more difficult to get an overview of both the risks and the security. One thing that complicates is that the operations do not have full insight into how the cloud provider or subcontractors handle their security. It is therefore important that all businesses enter with the attitude “Assume Breach”, ie to assume that sooner or later you will be affected by an intrusion. Then it is important to have protection in place that secures your information, says Ulf Gerold.

– Companies rarely think about how much a cyberattack can cost the business. Studies show that it can cost tens of millions to repair damage from an intrusion. These are staggering sums that can jeopardize the existence of an entire company, says Ulf Gerold, who points out that hackers today work surprisingly methodically and organized.

The two most common ways for hackers to get in are either through what is called phishing, ie when hackers pretend to be someone from within the organization to access valuable information. The other way is to exploit vulnerabilities in the IT systems and from that gather valuable information that can be used for extortion or for resale. This is where Hyker came up with solutions to close the doors to hackers.

Hyker's tips for increased safety

1. Educate staff in phishing and use two-factor login

2. Security class the information and work proactively to protect it.

3. Use tools and solutions with built-in support for comprehensive encryption and other security features.